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Bokito (gorilla)

Bokito (born March 14, 1996) is a Man western gorilla born In captivity, now living in Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He became the subject of considerable media coverage after breaking from his enclosure on May 18, 2007, abducting a female visitor and badly injuring her.

Bokito was created in the Zoologischer Garten, Berlin, Germany, He was then raised by individual attendants. To avoid the danger of inbreeding, he was moved to Rotterdam in August 2005, where the mauling incident afterwards took place.

Increased its 3 metre high wall. That split his Rotterdam enclosure from the general public and violently assaulted a girl, dragging her around for thousands of yards and inflicting bone fractures in addition to over a hundred bite wounds. He then entered a local restaurant, causing anxiety among the visitors. In this experience, three more people were hurt as a result of the fear. Bokito was finally sedated with the support of a tranquilizer gun and put back into his cage.
The girl who was attacked was a regular visitor to the Terrific apes’ enclosure, seeing an average of four times weekly. She had a habit of touching the glass which separated her from the gorillas, while making eye contact with Bokito and grinning at him — a practice that’s discouraged by primatologists, as apes will translate human grinning as a kind of aggressive display. Zoo employees had previously warned her against doing so, but she continued, asserting a special bond with him: in an interview with De Telegraaf she explained, “If I smile at him, he cried”.

The week following Bokito’s escape, a neighborhood health insurance Company sponsored the creation of 2,000 BokitoKijkers (“Bokito audiences”), newspaper visors which disguise the management of the wearer’s gaze.  The visors were created by advertising agency DDB Amsterdam, also won a Bronze Lion for promotional material in the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, and a Eurobest Silver in the 2007 Eurobest European Advertising Festival.

The term “bokitoproof”, meaning “lasting Enough to withstand the action of an enraged gorilla” and by extension “durable enough to withstand the action of a non aggressive scenario” was voted the Word of the Year for 2007 from the Netherlands.

Bokito is the dominant male of the gorilla group. He has Up to now fathered five hens with two females in his group: the offspring were born between October 2006 and July 2011. The main contender to his name As dominant man, Dango, was moved to Shanghai in 2007 along with his two primary female mates.

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